Friday, 7 December 2012


This Girl Is Epic I Lovee Her So Much.. She Randomly Gave Me A Greeting Look At These Pictures♥

Sunday, 2 December 2012


OhMyFudgingGod!!! This Guy Ish Osm.. Adam's His Name And He Is Actually Osm x'DD We Had A Nice Little Convo The Other Day And I Liked It So Much I Thought It Should Be On My Blog:'DD His MSP Name Is Adam i fuching awesome

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Heyoo Guys x'D Wow I Haven't Been On My Blog For Agessss! Anywaysss It's The 1st Of December So It's 24 Days Till Christmas WOOOO!!♥ I'm So Excited In Our Gang At School Were Doing Secret Santaa<3 I Have Someone Called Libby I've Already Got Her Christmas Prezzies I Can't Wait To Give Her Them:'DD Heres Some Pics Of Me And The Gang At School x'DD

OhYess:3 I'm The One Wiv Da Bunny Rabbit On My Head!♥ PMSL

Hehehe</3 Me And Grace Wiv Da Green Hair Dye♥

Yeaah.. This Is Our Crazaay Gang At School<33 LOOL:3

This Pic Was On PJ Day.. That Was Awesomee We All Came In Our Onzies<33 On This Pic I'm The One In The Middle With The Tiger Onzie And I Have Long Hair<33

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Heeey Guys XD

Heeey Guys Sowwy I Haven't Been Putting Many Updates On I've Been Busy Anyways The Other Daay I Became Level 16 Which I Was Very Happy About... I Got A Lollipop BFF His Name Is Blaze (Rythinguy) And Yeaah Ooooo And Also There Was This Level 3 Who Was The Biggest Faail In The History Of Faails  

This Guy Made Meh Laugh So Much He Seriously Didn't Know How Much I Know About MSP I've Been On MSP For A Year And 1 Month I Think I'd Know When He Was Lying Anywaays In The End He Admitted He Was Lying I Would Show Ya The Message But... Lets Just Say He Was Very Rude... Sweary Words Were Involved >.<

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Uglaay Me!

Yeah... Urmmm Heres 2 Pics Wiv Me In It... WARNING: I Is Uglaay So If You Look At The 2 Pics Your Eyes WILL Burn! Except There's A Pic Wiv Meh Friend In It Your Eyes Will NOT Burn When You See Her!

<<<<< See I Is Uglaay!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hey Guys Sorry I Haven't Posted Anything In A While Nowt Good Has Happened Lately... Anyways I'm Going Back To School Tomoz I'm So Excited To See My Friends Again XD I've Only Spoken To 5 Of Them... So Yeah... BYEEEEEEE!